We design and manufacture smart DC charge control systems for the marine, RV and commercial transportation industries. Our WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator is the first of its kind to determine battery charge state by factoring battery voltage, amps-in and amps-out, and alternator and battery temperature – and it's the first regulator on the market to communicate with engine and battery BMS systems via CAN communication.
WS500 Firmware Revision Update

July 13, 2021

Wakespeed's WS500 regulator firmware revision is now available on the Technical Page of this website. This revision offers multiple advancements and new features that are critical to optimal system performance. We advise all WS500 users to install the new firmware.

Wakespeed 2022 Pricing Guide

The updated 2022 Catalog and Pricing Guide is now available for download. Click on the link to download the PDF version of the pricing guide

REC-BMS Integration

Wakespeed has completed live testing of its integration with the REC Active BMS. The cooperative effort between Wakespeed and Slovenian BMS manufacturer REC enables Wakespeed's WS500 alternator to share connectivity with the REC BMS via a CANbus interface. Through this CANbus connection, the BMS can actively control alternator-based charging to ensure safe and optimal charging of LiFeP04 battery banks.

This marks the third case of successful integration between the Wakespeed WS500 and factory BMS systems — the other proofed integrations are with Lithionics Batteries' Never-Die BMS and MG Energy's MG Master BMS.

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Wakespeed Offshore regulators deliver unsurpassed quality and performance for a wide range of applications — our simple WS100 multi-stage voltage regulator offers excellent support for most lead acid battery types in 12-volt systems. The advanced WS500 alternator regulator, with its unique ability to regulate based on voltage, current, and alternator temperature, is by far the most capable charging source for both traditional lead acid and new generation LiFePo4 lithium ion batteries.